Russian language for foreigners

We will help you enter any Russian university and find out everything about Russia

Pre-university education for foreign citizens
Pskov State University
10 years
This is how long Pskov State University has been teaching Russian to foreigners in pre-university education
400 students
More than 400 students have already successfully graduated from the program
60 countries
Students from more than 60 countries have chosen our university for studying Russian
Our goal is not only to teach the Russian language but also to immerse our students in the culture and help adapt in a new country
Apart from studying, our students attend various excursions, student forums, language clubs, sports competitions. They adapt quickly and find new friends by working together with international students from all over the world as well as the locals. University volunteers (tutors, or “buddies”) support our students along the way.
Our graduates enter the best universities in Russia: St. Petersburg State University, First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg and others.

Stages of learning Russian from scratch

3 months of training
6 months of training
9 months of training
In 3 months, you will be able to hold conversations at an elementary level, communicate with friends and teachers at the university, be confident speaking in a store, on the street, in a cafe
In 6 months, you will be proficient in the verbal system of the Russian language, understand the lyrics of Russian songs, easily compose long stories, speak on specialized topics in Russian (economics, medicine, literature)
In 9 months, you will know the Russian language at a level sufficient to enter a Russian university. You will begin to understand Russian humor and communicate freely in Russian with your peers
Preparatory courses
Курс русского языка как иностранного
Targeted programs
"Preparatory courses for foreign citizens (pre-university education)" (2476 hours)
This program is suitable for those who plan to continue their education at a Russian university, but want to learn Russian first. You can either learn Russian from scratch, or improve your skills up to the level required for admission.

The program is divided into 2 semesters. In the first semester, students only study Russian.Specialized subjects in Russian begin in the second semester.
Educational programs "Russian as a foreign language (A1-B1) with specialty focus" (600 hours) + "Preparation for admission to a university for foreign citizens: Chemistry and Biology" (102 hours)
This is intensive training for students entering medical universities in Russia. It is suitable for students who need to receive high-quality intensive training in the short term. The program is implemented in two formats: full-time and remote.

Duration of educating – 6 months
In addition to the basic courses, we implement programs in Russian for different categories of foreign citizens with different learning goals
Groups of 10+ people can be opened upon a company's request for the following courses:
  • Practical course of Russian as a foreign language (elementary and basic levels) (360 hours);
  • Russian language for beginners (elementary level) (72 hours);
  • Adaptive study of medical subjects (in French)(1368 hours of which 650 are classroom hours)
  • and others...

Our teachers

Experienced specialists work at Pskov State University. Each teacher and employee of the department knows how to find an approach to every student and is not only engaged in training, but is a friend who is always ready to help
Tatyana Sergeevna Efremova
Dean of the Preparatory Faculty
Natalya Sergeevna Molchanova
PhD in Philology, Dean of the Faculty of Russian Philology and Foreign Languages
Lyubov Sergeevna Golovina
PhD in Philology, Head of the Department of Educational Technologies
Elena Valerievna Kovalykh
PhD in Philology
Lina BronislovovnaVorobieva
PhD in Philology
Olesya Nikolaevna Zotova
PhD in Philology
Anna Sergeevna Zueva
Senior Lecturer of the Department of Philology, Communications and Russian as a Foreign Language
Aleksandra Aleksandrovna Efimova
Senior Lecturer of the Department of Philology, Communications and Russian as a Foreign Language
Elizaveta Viktorovna Raku
Master in Theory and Methods of Teaching a Non-Native Language: Russian as a Foreign Language
Daria Vladimirovna Ivanchenkova
Master in Theory and Methods of Teaching a Non-Native Language: Russian as a Foreign Language
Vera Viktorovna Belyaeva
Master in Philology
Our teachers

Experienced specialists work at Pskov State University. Each teacher and employee of the department knows how to find an approach to every student and is not only engaged in training, but is a friend who is always ready to help

Feedback from our students:

Soltani Roy
My name is Roya Soltani, I am studying Russian.

I started teaching it in October with Alexandra Alexandrovna and Lyubov Sergeevna. Now this course is over, and I am very glad that I chose Pskov University to study Russian. I had wonderful classes with two wonderful teachers from Pskov University - they were wonderful.

Thanks to the kindness and support of these two kind angels, both in terms of learning Russian and morally, I was able to get 5 points in the exams at the end of each stage of the language training, and it was great!

Many thanks to the University for the excellent management.

I definitely recommend Pskov University to everyone, and if one day I can become a successful doctor, I will definitely mention your university and its excellent staff.

As a thank you, on the Day of the Russian Language, I recorded a short video where I read a poem by the famous Russian poet Pushkin. I dedicate this video to my teachers, to you and to the good Pskov University.

I hope you enjoy it too, beautiful and loving lady.
I hope to see you in the beautiful city of Pskov.

Thanks again!
Lemonia Dallari
I left Greece on August 19, 2019 and arrived at St. Petersburg airport, where I was surrounded by rain and wind!!! After great difficulties, I managed to get on a bus and go to Pskov, where I arrived after 7 hours!!!!! Entering Pskov, on the contrary, I was surrounded by the sun and flowers! It was like I was in another country!!! I liked this place at first sight!!! Then the university itself sent me a girl to help me with what I needed ( this initiative of the university is very important!!!), and gradually I got to know the city.The endless sky, not hidden by tall buildings or mountains and quiet walks through the streets!!!Also, I was able to visit the Pskov-Caves Monastery, an excursion that I want repeat!!

I started studying Russian back in Greece, but, of course, when I arrived in Russia, I was even afraid to say "good morning"!!! But our teachers encouraged us to speak, and I was slowly freed from fear! Thank them for this! The Russian language is difficult, but with love everything is possible!!

Pskov is my home! I have friends there and people I love!!! There I met my friend-sister Anna Vladimirova, with whom I continue to communicate in St. Petersburg! Foreign students of the university created a friendly atmosphere; especially Abdul Nasseri, my dear friend!!! All in all, I really liked this place, I got very close to some of my teachers and I had an unforgettable time! Pskov is a miracle of Russia!! I am happy that I started my acquaintance in Russia here!!!!
Andres Innocentis
At the very beginning, I saw #Pskov, a calm, beautiful city. It was very clean around, everything seemed interesting to me. I liked it so much that 2 years later, I decided to return there. I came again. Everyone was kind to me, they helped when needed. Actually, I never had any problems there.

Studying at Pskov State University went well, in my opinion, the Russian language study program was quite interesting. We studied language, Russian culture, history, geography and literature. Maybe Russian is not the easiest language, especially for Spanish speakers, but it seemed to me that the program helped me quickly overcome all difficulties, I began to understand the language. I was surprised that Pskov is a multicultural city where you can meet people from all over the world. Even if you are interested in the culture of other countries, you can learn a lot here. At the lesson we discussed life in other countries, their culture and customs.

Every day I miss Pskov, my friends and acquaintances. I would return if I had the chance. My time there was great and I'm sure I improved my #Russian_language a lot. To be honest, feelings for all this, for the city, for people, are difficult to describe in words. Only my memory and my recollections allow me to judge this correctly.
Mostafa Eid
My name is Mustafa id Muhammad el-Sayeh, I am a medical student, currently studying at the University of the North-East of the Russian Federation in Yakutsk, an international university that has a very high rating. University and studies are really very strong. I really like the university.

I studied Russian in Pskov. My experience of studying at Pskov University is very good. The university is very organized and scrupulous, and the university administration cooperates with the students. And for learning it was really very good. The most important thing about teachers is how they teach and treat students. Actually, it was great.

I used to think that people in Russia don't like foreigners, but when I came to Russia, I saw the truth. The students here are very friendly. The teachers get close to the students and help them a lot. This had a very positive effect on me.

Based on my experience of teaching in the preparatory year, I can say that Pskov University has a very good methodology. Here they helped me learn Russian, and a new future began for me, which I dreamed about. I am very proud that I am a student at Pskov University

Our Pskov

Pskov is one of the most ancient and beautiful cities in Russia, it was founded over 1,000 years ago!
Pskov is one of the most ancient and beautiful cities in Russia, it was founded over 1,000 years ago!
Our Pskov

It is very comfortable to live and study here! Why?

Pskov is close to majorcities: you can go to Moscow by plane in just 1 hour, and to St. Petersburg by train in 3.5 hours. In addition, the Pskov region shares borders with the countries of the European Union: Riga (Latvia) can be reached in 4 hours, and Tartu (Estonia) is only 150 km away.
There are many cultural centers and entertainment activities in Pskov. Prices for housing, food and education in Pskov are lower than in Moscow or St. Petersburg.
Pskov is a great place to start discovering Russia. This is one of the most ancient cities in Russia, so traditional folk holidays and festivals are regularly held here. There are a lot of places in the city steeped inhistory and Russian traditions: the Pskov Kremlin, the House of Crafts, the Blacksmith's house, Pogankin's Chambers, etc.
Pskov is a cozy city. Developed infrastructure coexists here with a measured, calm pace of life. If you are looking for a nice place to move to, this city is perfect, because it gives you the opportunity to gradually adapt to life in a new country. If you come to study here, you will definitely fall in love with our city!
Come to us for educating, and you will definitely love our city and get a high level of knowledge not only about the Russian language, but also about the culture, traditions and mentality of Russia as a whole, easily adapt to a new country and make a lot of useful and pleasant acquaintances!
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